Line-level Audio Adapter for iPhone & Smartphones


With this audio adapter you can record line level audio directly into your iPhone from a soundboard or mixer. The Mic-Line adapter blocks your phones mic to allow an external audio input.

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Product Description

  • Record line-level audio from your mixer or soundboard on your iPhone, smartphone.
  • Allows your external audio output to replace your smartphone’s mic. Includes attenuator that allows for line-level to mic-level conversion
  • Works with most phones that have a combined headset and microphone jack
  • Works with two audio sources at a time, just use a splitter!
  • Crystal clear sound recording, 100% guaranteed

Our line level converter allows you to record from outputs such as a headphone jack or audio output jack such as a mixer or soundboard. Simply insert the male 3.5mm (1/8 in.) TRRS plug into your smartphone, and plug your source into the female 3.5mm (1/8 in.) TRS end of the Headset Buddy. The cable is approximately 13 inches long.

How it Works: Plug the adapter into the iPhone (or other device) headset jack and then plug your audio source cable into the adapter. The iPhone will recognize that an external audio source is connected and turn its internal mic off allowing you to record using the external source. This adapter works with all audio/video recording apps and other functions just as the internal mic would.



PLEASE NOTE: This adapter is NOT for recording from microphones. Also, sound input for smartphone connections is mono but most apps split the sound into left and right channels for playback in both ears. You are able to input stereo sound; however, playback will only be in the left ear.