• Ring Detector RD-1
  • Communicates Directly from Headset
SKU : 78887-01

Product Description

The Plantronics 78887-01 is a ring detect pod that Sends a ringer alert signal to the headset anytime the phone rings, anywhere within a headset’s wireless range, LD hook switch control enables on/off-hook functions directly from the headset using the headset’s call control button so calls can be answered and ended remotely.


  • Ring Detector RD-1
  • Communicates Directly from Headset

Compatible With These Plantronics Headsets: 

CS55 Savi W710
CS70 Savi W720
Voyager 510S Savi W730
CS510 Savi W740
CS520 Savi W745
CS530 WO100
CS540 WO101
MDA200 WO200
On-Line Indicator WO201

Works With Following Phone Systems: 

ShoreTel: Toshiba:
IP212K IP265 IP560 (g) DP 5118-DP
IP230 IP560 IP565 (g) IPT 2008 SDL
IP655 DP 5130-SDL
IPT 2010-SD
DP 5X22-SD
IPT 2020-SD
DP 5X32-SD