Smartphone/iPhone Headset to Phone Adapter – 3.5mm to 2.5mm


Want to use a better headset with your smartphone, iPhone, or iPad? Get the Gold Plated 2.5mm to 3.5mm Headset Buddy Adapter and use a higher quality phone headset with your iOS, Android, Windows, or BlackberryOS smartphone / tablet that has a 3.5mm plug. A big productivity enhancer for home businesses, call centers, sales people, road warriors, or anyone who is on their smartphone all the time, and wants to use a higher quality phone headset.
Since most 2.5mm headsets are mono, this Headset Buddy was designed to output mono sound. If you have a 2.5mm stereo headset, you will only hear one channel of sound out of one ear.
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Product Description

  • Use a higher quality headset with your smartphone, iPhone, or tablet
  • Convert standard 2.5mm phone headset plug to 3.5mm TRRS plug
  • Use your phone headset with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PS4, iPad, or tablet headset jack
  • Great for traveling, carry just one headset
  • Works with most 2.5mm mono headsets