3.5mm TRRS CTIA / AHJ 4 Pole Headset to USB Audio Adapter


For use with Apple EarPods and other Smartphone/VOIP/Skype headsets.

  • – Convert two 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plugs to single USB Type A female plug.
  • – Simple plug and play, no drivers needed.
  • – Great if your 3.5mm jack is broken.
  • – Stereo sound!
  • – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

This amazing USB adapter is the only one on the market that will turn a USB port on your computer into a 4 pole 3.5mm Jack. The adapter features a single input jack that will allow your Apple EarPods or other VOIP/Skype enabled headset full functionality. One 3.5mm port to provide both Audio and Mic use.

Instructions to work on Mac:

  • Settings > Sound > Output and then select USB Audio Device to activate headphones
  • Settings > Sound > Input and then select USB Audio Device to activate microphone.
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Product Description

The PH35-USB’s easy plug and play design allows you to use your 3.5mm earbuds/headphones when the headphone jack on a PC or Mac is not easily available or broken.