Universal 2.5mm Headset to RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 Headset Plug Adapter Switch


This amazing adapter switch converts the standard 2.5mm headset to a standard RJ9, RJ10, or RJ22 handset plug, allowing you to use your favorite headset with your IP phone. Once you plug the headset into our adapter switch, and the adapter into the designated headset jack of your phone, you will need to move the switch setting selector up or down until you get optimal sound for the phone you are using. The adapter switch is approximately thirteen inches long.

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Product Description

  • Use your headset with almost any office phone – 8 settings cover most phone models including Cisco
  • Combines the he PH25-RJ9A of the PH25-RJ9Cisco adapters!
  • Converts 2.5mm plug to single 4P4C RJ9/RJ10 headset plug
  • Works great with most VOIP phones with a RJ9/Rj10/Rj22 headset jack
  • Does not work with RJ11 jack, which is wider than your headset jack (6 positions vs. 4). RJ11 jack is what is in the wall. RJ9, RJ10, RJ22 are what is on your phone handset or headset.
  • Works with mono headsets!