VR12F monaural headset designed for warehouse including freezer / refrigerator applications


Now you have one family of headsets for all your voice-directed picking needs: VXi’s rugged, convertible VR12 and VR12F headsets. The VR12 meets the unique requirements of high-noise industrial settings. The VR12F adds extreme cold-storage functionality, so it works in both cold and normal environments.

Two wearing styles: Over-the-head and behind-the-neck

Product Description

  • Clear sound with noise cancellation – Hear and be heard clearly with high-quality receivers and the industry’s best noise-canceling microphone technology. Advanced noise canceling improves productivity and reduces misunderstandings
  • All day comfort and durability – Lightweight, comfortable design lets users focus on their work, not their headsets.
  • Choose from two models – Choose from two models: the rugged VR12 convertible and the freezer-rated VR12F.
  • Two wearing styles: Over-the-head and behind-the-neck