SC911-15A Controller for 911


Sennheiser Controller for 911, six wire amplifier with push-to-talk button, receive volume control and transmit output adjustment 

SKU : ussc911-15a

Product Description

  • Connects to any Sennheiser CC and SH Series headset with the unique easy-disconnect
  • Has momentary (non-locking) push-to-talk switch
  • Connecter is 6-wire dual plug prong PJ-7 (equivalent to WE-425) with 15 ft. extra heavy-duty coil cord
  • Receiver volume control and transmit output control
  • Includes heavy-duty belt clip and lanyard (neck strap) cord
  • ActiveGard is a technically advanced compression circuit that reacts 35 to 50 times faster than any other headset manufacturers compression circuit.
  • The Sennheiser 911 system has a maximum receiver output of 103 dB SPL and is OSHA compliant